Episode 10 – October 25, 2010 – Great Lakes Brewing Company taps the first keg of Christmas Ale and Jeff and Jeremy are drinking Dogfish Head Punkin Ale at the Tremont Attic.

Download this episode to hear hiccup girl charged with murder, happy hour at Flannery’s, bad food at Zocalo and cookouts over this Native American summer-like weekend.  Meanwhile, Jeff spent the weekend in Las Vegas and has lots to tell, including watching the Cleveland Browns win live from a Vegas sports book.

And the circus is in town!  Or, it was…  Want some alcohol with your whipped cream?  Try this alcohol infused whipped creme.

Plus, check out these great Cleveland Halloween events this weekend:

Just head down to West 6th Street in downtown Cleveland’s Warehouse district Saturday night and you’ll find something…

Plus, provocative Halloween costumes and the new LeBron James commercial.  And the song Oh Christmas Ale by Jim Tews and Mike Polk.

Radio Show with Jeff and Jeremy – #3 in quips!  Listen to it!