Episode 17 – December 13, 2010 — Live from Studio L in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio…  More relationships being established in the Radio Show With Jeff and Jeremy chat room!  And it’s freezing outside.  But why do people still rely on TV for the weather?  The roof of the Metrodome collapses under the weight of snow but Jeff laughs at the downtown Cleveland snowstorm gridlock.  When traffic hits, just go drink.  Cleveland snow updates on Twitter at #CLEsnow.

Jeff goes to the worst office party in history for his pipe laying company while Jeremy goes to a much better work party at Anatomy as well as Bazaar Bizarre and Lucky’s Cafe.  And Jeff and Jeremy do shots of American Honey, Jeremy finally sells his car, an update on GLBC’s Christmas Ale and what happens if you refuse a breathalyzer?

Plus, Jeremy dreams about podcasting, Cleveland State Vikings keep winning basketball games, results of the Great Male Survey of 2010 from Ask Men and more e-mails to hatemail@radioshowonline.com.

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