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Exposed Wood

Eating at Strip, Der Braumeister, Dragonfly and… Applebee’s?

CSU basketball, the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club, West Side Market anniversary, Machine Gun Kelly and Fat Chef Rocco Whalen.

And Downtown Cleveland Restaurant starts February 27!

We Won’t Do It Live

Episode 54, January 23, 2012 – Jeff and Jeremy announce that they’ll no longer be doing the podcast live, but will only prerecord the show. RIP chatroom. They also recap their weekend outing together at Saigon and attending a Cleveland State basketball game. Jeff talks about going to LA, Iggy and Eddy’s and Deagan’s and […]

New Year, Same Show

Jeff and Jeremy recap their New Years’ festivities, Jeremy starts his annual cleanse and here comes the snow.

Plus, more apartments in downtown Cleveland, Jonathon Sawyer on Iron Chef and the Cleveland aquarium opening soon! Plus Missed Connections!

Bon Jovi is Alive

Merry Christmas! Parties at The Treehouse and Lincoln Park Pub, Christmas shopping, Cleveland bars that opened and closed in 2011 and the Horseshoe Casino parking garage collapses.

Plus, Missed Connections and the life of Bon Jovi.

Get In My Dryer

Metromix shutting down, Cleveland casino hiring more people, Christmas shopping and Cleveland State basketball.

Plus, how not to use Craigslist, burning barns and Machine Gun Kelly. And wash it all down with a Sierra Nevada Celebration.