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Open Wide For Cleveland's Pride!

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Exposed Wood

Eating at Strip, Der Braumeister, Dragonfly and… Applebee’s?

CSU basketball, the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club, West Side Market anniversary, Machine Gun Kelly and Fat Chef Rocco Whalen.

And Downtown Cleveland Restaurant starts February 27!

Get In My Dryer

Metromix shutting down, Cleveland casino hiring more people, Christmas shopping and Cleveland State basketball.

Plus, how not to use Craigslist, burning barns and Machine Gun Kelly. And wash it all down with a Sierra Nevada Celebration.

Double Fist Punch

Lost star Matthew Fox is arrested in Cleveland, AJ Colby just won’t leave, Hodge Podge food truck on Food Network and Cleveland Labor Day events.

Plus, Music Penetration! This week, Jeff and Jeremy penetrate the song Cleveland by Machine Gun Kelly.

In The Upper Room

Episode 41, August 22, 2011 – Jeff and Jeremy broadcast live from The Treehouse in Tremont and discuss Jeff’s new Twitter addiction, Jeremy’s precancerous moles, Browns preseason crowds at Map Room, Chucklefck comedy nights at Reddstone and another year of The Feast. And learn how Jeff uses work travel as an excuse to get out […]