Episode 23, January 31 — A big winter storm is bearing down on Cleveland: stock up on your french toast.

Jeff and Jeremy promote (several times) the live show they’re doing next week at Deagan’s Kitchen and Grill, Jeff bar hops between Nauti Mermaid and Map Room and Jeremy breaks his alcohol cleanse at Flannery’s.

They’re filling the Powerhouse with fish so the Improv is moving to the other side of the street and Howl at the Moon shut down (where will all the bachelorette parties go?).

Indian Delight, XYZ The Tavern, spinning and setting up PCs (yuck).

Will the groundhog see his shadow?  And what happens if he does?

The list of Cleveland’s 20 most eligible singles is out – is Jeff on the list?  (hint: no)  And one of Cleveland’s bartenders was named “America’s Sexiest Bartender” by Playboy magazine.

You can finally buy alcohol in Russell TownshipCleveland State Vikings men’s basketball will be on ESPN this Saturday and the Cavs are playing the Miami Heat…  ’nuff said.

Wanna run up 38 flights of stairs this Saturday?  You can!